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Produced by Rob Perez

Recorded at Secret Ninja Studios (Westminster, CA), Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studio (Westminster, CA), Todd's home studio, Miguel's project studio and Rob's spare bedroom.

Produced by Rob (with lots of help from Bert, Adam and Ryan). Engineered and mixed by Ryan Hafer and Rob Perez. Additional Engineering by Adam Hankinson, Miguel, Todd Forman, Jesse Lloyd and Mike McCann
Inner sleeve photos by Jason O'Donnell, James Hyrcyk
Additional photos: Victor Hernandez, Janelle Asti (thanks).

Executive Producers: Bud Gaugh, Nicole Gaugh ,Zachary Goodin

Bert exclusively uses Layrite Pomade (regular hold) for his pompadour.

This recording ©2012 Bert Susanka & The Astronaut Love Triangle, Waitress Records, Half of Nothing Records.

All songs BMI ©2012 Bert Susanka, Rob Perez, Adam Hankinson, Jason O’Donnell. All Rights Reserved



released June 5, 2012

Thank you: Bud and Nicole Gaugh, Zippy, Miguel, Sexrat, Del Mar, Zen Robbi, Indosurf, Todd Forman, Leslie Beauvais, Jeff & Ryella Linder, Ted & Amy Berkey, Alan Hankinson, Grateful Dave Esqueda, DiPiazza's, Jon Burk for inspiring “She’s All Over The Map”, Chuck Burnes, The Gypsy Lounge (RIP), Fishlips (RIP), The Doll Hut, Radio Free Bakersfield, The Pier, all at Secret Ninja, all at Bomb Shelter.

Without Whom: Ryan Hafer (this record would have not seen the light of day without your help).

For the thumbs up on “I Am Aware Of My Tongue”: Jill and Aaron Transki, Craig Schulz, Jeannie Schulz, Tom & Jennifer Everhart.

BS & ALT would like to officially acknowledge the generous humanitarian efforts of Derek Jensen, Stacy Jensen, Clint Unclecc Hogland and Kimberly Atkinson Hogland in the making of this CD.

Bert thanks:
Todd Zalkins (Author of "Dying For Triplicate"), Michael "Miguel" Happholdt, Bud & Nicole, Eric Wilson, Rome Ramirez, Mic Dangerously, Todd Forman, Zachary "Zippy" Goodin, Bradley Nowell, Susan Susanka, Paul Susanka, Eric Susanka, Ryan Susanka, Jacob Susanka, The Ziggens, Josh Fischel, Mark DiPiazza, Ryan Hafer and, as always, the great Rob Perez.

Adam thanks:
Rob, Jason, Bert & Ryan Hafer. Thanks to everyone involved in this project, credited or not. Many thanks to my best friend and amazing wife, Shannon, for all of her love and support. For Thomas & Lucy; Look, your Old Man did something cool!

Jason thanks:
My Parents for their never ending support, Amanda, Steven and little Benjamin for always inspiring me, and my friends for always pushing me. Thanks to Bert, Rob, and Adam for the chance to play drums.  And a huge thank you to my wife & best friend Kim, for always believing in me. Dedicated to Ana Faley & David Malinski.

Rob thanks:
Adam, for taking the lead when we needed it (i.e. arrangements on Tracks 4, 8, 9, & 15), Jay, for being patient, and Bert for always getting my back. Chuck Burnes, Lisa Heath, Jeff Tucker, Julie & Dave Owens, Devin Devore, Victor Hernandez, Scott Graham, Gary Fitch, Dave Rayburn, Mudd Lowther. Love to Susan, family and friends, Dedicated to Mom, Sandy Graham, Donald Tracy Flournoy, Karen Walia and Shelby. R.I.P.



all rights reserved


Bert Susanka & The Astronaut Love Triangle Huntington Beach, California

The Astronaut Love Triangle are...

Bert Susanka- Lead Vocal, Guitar
Rob Perez- Guitars and other stringed gadgets, Keyboards (occassionally), Vocals
Adam Hankinson-Bass, Vocals
Jason O'Donnell-Drums and percussion

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Track Name: Toxicology
We were at the Doll Hut
I overheard her talking
something about mixing Paxil and Vodka
She had a strange reaction
she bit some of her cousins
she tried to bite her sister
she got socked in the kisser - Let's go!

Heath should have kept a Ledger
It would of worked out better
Certain things are toxic
When you're mixing them together
Xanax, Valium, Ativan Lunesta
Together with Restoril
You get a Cardiac Dysrhythmia-Let's go!

Vodka, Norco, Paxil (Surf's up dude)
Buspar, Prozac, Soma (Surfs up dude)
Ritalin, Kenalog, Coma

Daniel flew into see his brand new baby sister
He should of been admitted, instead he was a visitor
Toxicology report, it read just like a time bomb
Methadone, Zoloft, together with Lexapro-Let's Go!

Oxy, Propecia, Xanax
Cocaine, Pristiq, Fentanyl,
Rogaine, Cialis, Viagra

Hey Hey (Surf's up dude)
Hey Hey (Surf's up dude)
Surfs. Up. Dude.
Track Name: I Only Look Stupid
Stoke the fire, fill the cup
We're disabled, like an old pickup truck
It's official, time has come
House your children on the sun

I only look
I only look
I only look stupid

Rest assured they will not rest
until the fables get undressed
Artifacts that dance around
Psychotropics in the dirt on the ground

I only look
I only look
I only look stupid

Your house, it's lovely
Built on sand and Gatsby

Kiss the captain on the lips
Press your hands into his hips
Feel your conscience slip away
Whistle a tune then just walk away

I only look
I only look
I only look stupid
Track Name: I Am Aware Of My Tongue
Charlie, Charles, thank you for the snarls of the kites that would not fly.
I laughed a lot
Sparky, Charles, thank you for the quarrels of the kids you drew each night,
I learned a lot

I remember lying in my bed and in my room
Sweeping through the pages like a plastic dollar broom
Peanut butter sandwich for the barber's only son
Lunch is such a lonely time of day

Baseball becomes theology
The sermon on the mound during a game
Could this be the new seventh inning stretch?
Five cents for psychiatry
A nickel in the can and you will see
it's a great big world, just live in it

I remember lying in my bed and in my room
Surveying the landscape like the first man on the moon
Men are born to trouble sure as sparks go upward
For wisdom you went right to the source

When I was young
I had a blanket and sucked on my thumb
Now that I'm grown
I am aware of my tongue
Not much has changed

I'll bet that Marcy's favorite movie
must surely be the one called "To Sir With Love"
The stoning of Stephen, a profile of Eakins
can clearly be made out in the clouds above

Now every dark and stormy night
I take a Sopwith Camel flight
Landing in a place where I am free from my own plight
Stuck in a universe with my own Red Barons that I curse
Sparky we never met...But you knew me
Track Name: Miami
We fell in love in Miami
They called us Crockett and Tubbs
Because you're a lying sociopath
And I eat way too much

At night we'd stay in our cabana
Eating shellfish by the pound
But we're both highly allergic
(I'm allergic to shellfish my darling. My lips swell for you)

Miami Miami Miami
Miami Miami, my God
Miami Miami Miami
When did you go to the dogs

The Miami Sound Machine (I love that group)
had just crashed their tour bus (What a disaster)
We stole all of their Vicodin
(Because they've got more money than us)

(Lo siento mi vida. Your skin is so soft and creamy.
And your lips, like Rubies, my darling.
And your face like Pebble Beach at low tide)

My vices became my addictions
Miami Miami, my God
Myopia caused my afflictions
When did I go to the dogs

Miami Miami Miami
Miami my head starts to throb
Miami my big double whammy
I worship the porcelain God
Track Name: Do The Wombat
Up on the pier there's a party going on
But not as good as the one on the shore
Kids lined up from miles around
to do this crazy dance that's just come down
Shove up your lip, stick out your tongue
and do the Wombat

Wombats live in a hole in the ground
They are nocturnal, at night they buzz around
Looking for grass and shrubs and roots
One bit through my jeans and my leather boots
I looked at him, He looked at me
We did the Wombat

(Wombats love to dance)
Do the Wombat

It aint the Twist or no Achy Breaky Heart
It's not the Macarena (Please, don't even start)
If your bipolar and if you're depressed
The Wombat will ease all of your unrest
Spreading disease, do what you please
It's called the Wombat

Never confuse a badger with a wombat
Never confuse a badger with a wombat
Never confuse a badger with a wombat
Never confuse the badger!
Track Name: Dionne Warwick's Music
My house is in foreclosure
My wife moved to her mother's
Kids are in the rehab
And my face keeps getting fatter

But I can find refuge in Dionne Warwick's music
Yes I can find comfort in Dionne Warwick's music,
every time
(Now I know the way to San Jose)

And my country is immoral
Bank account is empty
60 million dead babies
And they won't refill my Paxil

But I can find comfort in our elected officials
Yes I can rest assured in our elected officials every time
(I'll just stay at home election day)

Do we need to give gold statues
to the actors in the movies?
And social security has been stolen by the paparazzi

And I can see things clearly
through Lisa Loeb's glasses
And I feel so empowered When I take night classes
at the junior college
(If I can find a job and not be turned away)
Track Name: Light at the End of the Carpal Tunnel
I'm old my heart is shaken
Alone my mind is achin'
Fear keeps us all tied down to our chairs
In a bank of papers
Ignore the subtle capers
with dreams of some kind of injury

I hope I get for breakfast
the rest of the intestines
cuz Alice it's my turn today
It's insignificant fear
But I'll never look in the mirror
let's take the carpal tunnel out of here

I don't really wanna stay but I just never walked away
oh, why?

Well I can't give my notice to an empty room
and I can't make you notice
Like a child that keeps searching for his lost balloon
Well I can't make you notice

I don't really wanna stay but I just never walk away
oh, why?

There was a time I could see in my mind
Now I hope that it just goes away
There was a time I could count on my mind
But patchy memories just fade away
Track Name: She's All Over The Map
She's here, she's there, she's everywhere
except the place that she's supposed to be
She's like a train, a plane, that's gaining speed
and heading miles and miles away from me
Her lights are on but there's no one at home
And all her calls keep dropping when I telephone

She's on a sunset cruise that's leaving me bruised inside
She's all over the map
She's got a first class one way non stop ticket to ride
She's all over the map

She's so intense, my sense of geography, is kinda
looking like a Twister game
But I'm her fool, her tools of cartography are only gonna chart a course to my shame
Without a navigator, my attitude is lost
My longitude and her latitude will never cross

We’re on a third rate, blind date, upon the seas of
love and hate
She's all over the map
I'm like Magellan with Helen Keller as my second mate
She's all over the map

I've been calling out to satellites, from a sinking vessel
in distress
But there's no blip on my radar screen
and nothing on my GPS
Track Name: Dying For Triplicate (God Talks to Todd)
It's good that I love you cuz right now i'm the only one
It's good I know what's best for you because you are still my son
With every tablet that you take and every lie that you tell
I have to turn away cuz watching your life is like looking into hell

But I'll hold your life until the time
Because you're not the only user on my mind

I watched you as a boy and I felt your pain
I picked out your wife for you and I wept when she went away
Well I can use you but not like you used those you deceived
Let's turn your transgressions into some kind of a reprieve

And I'll hold your life until the time
you can give hope to the hopeless one last time

Young girls, soldiers and businessmen
All the addicts come together and you can hold their hand
My son

Your soul was spared you've got a clean and a brand new start
'cuz my mercy is endless and it lives now in your heart
So wipe away your tears because there's lots of work to do
Stand up and tell the story as only you can do

You lost your job, you lost your wife
you even lost your mind
Z-man is dead now, but Todd is fine
and you are mine

Z-man is dead, Z-man is dead
But Todd is fine
Track Name: Rockabilly Robot
Well I saw my baby on the bus today
And she piled up my hair with Hawley's Pomade
Well she's the coolest chick I know
And she looks just like a young Jane Russell

She's my rockabilly robot

Well I'm her woman and she's my man
and she couldn't care less that I'm getting fat
We dance to Deke Dickerson every night
and we never argue, fuss or fight

She's my rockabilly robot

Well her friends all say "why are you with him?"
but I keep her gears oiled with Pabst Blue Ribbon
You see I captured her, she's my cassette
I built a rockabilly robot and it's a secret

She's my rockabilly robot
Track Name: I'm Not Saying
2 O'clock and the bars are closed
Streets are empty, I'm all alone
Seems another day has come and gone
I get dressed up just to fall down
Punch a stranger or dance around
Seems my life has come undone

I'm not saying this to bust your chops
I'm glad that your here with me
I'm not saying this to bum you out
But maybe life should have more meaning

10 AM and my eyes are shut
cuz I don't know where I am or where I've been
(or where i'm going)
Don't think I would live like this
if my folks were still living
Seems i've lost my way since they're gone

I'm not saying this to drag you down
I'm glad that you're still with me
I'm not saying this is all your fault
But maybe there's something that's...

Better get back to the way I was
When I was a young child of God
before it's too late and I'm gone

I'm not saying this because I'm strong
Lord knows that I am very weak
I think that if we do this together
there's still time to choose our destiny
Track Name: D'Nile is a River So Deep
Moses said to Ramses, "Hey man, won't you let my people go?"
Well the Pharaoh sat in silence, thought it over for a moment
and shot back with a resounding "No no no!
Who's gonna build these pyramids, put the nose on my sphinx?
My precarious predicament stinks!
These stone Gods and monoliths are crumbling all around me. I can't seem to lift off this jinx."

Well, Moses stood there quietly, cracked a smile then he started to laugh (what a gas)
"Well your problem is apparent, son, but you ain't gonna find it as long as you keep chasing after golden calves
King Tut and Nefertiti left out important graffiti
on the mausoleums where they sleep
But their lofty hieroglyphics ain't gonna give you specifics
D'Nile is a river so deep

D'Nile keeps a rolling on endlessly through a burning desert, deep and wide
And only when it dries up can you see that oasis on the other side

So give it up, give it out, fill your cup, spill your doubt
Or the Asp of Cleopatra's gonna stare right back atcha!
D'Nile is a river so deep

No, no mummified remains are gonna give you any brains
Can't tell you nothing useful in their sleep
And their lofty hieroglyphics ain't gonna give you specifics
D'Nile is a river so deep, yes it is
D'Nile is a river so deep
and it's getting deeper
D'Nile is a river

Well I'm not talking Hosni Mubarak D'Nile
I'm talking Charlie Sheen D'Nile
He's Still Winning
Track Name: U.F.O. (Ugly, Fat & Old)
I mow the lawn with my church socks on cuz i'm
I don't drop acid but my stomach's full of acid cuz I'm
My stomach bounces when I brush my teeth cuz i'm
I leer at girls and I talk to squirrels cuz I'm

It's my intention to build an invention to make me virile again
Binging and purging, I feel myself thinning
I fit in my trousers again

Pull my finger and i'll break some wind cuz i'm
Hey, you kids, get off of my lawn cuz i'm
My lower back is killing me cuz i'm
I need to speak to your supervisor

It's my intention to find a young vixen that I can confuse and deceive
Our kiss in the moonlight was perfect until she swallowed my false teeth

I clean out my ears with my car keys cuz i'm UGLY FAT AND OLD
I talk about my prostate while I float in the jacuzzi cuz i'm UGLY FAT AND OLD
I don't smell like I used to smell cuz i'm UGLY FAT AND OLD
I don't care what all of you say cuz I'm UGLY FAT AND OLD
Track Name: I Can See My House From Here
Now when I was born, Dad said to me son you must never fear
Things people say, things that they do, things that they never hear
They can be so unkind, they can poison your mind
Someday you might end up like me

All of his plans, all of his schemes, meant to enlighten me
Searching for storms and weather balloons,
That never frightened me
Till he took to the air on a wing and a prayer
and he told the whole world it was me

Over the hills and trees,
Oh tell me, please this gust of wind won't disappear
Further with every mile and all the while
I can see my house from here

See them down there running around like their ant hill was just kicked in
The media scurry like rats through the town in a race they will never win
But up here I'm free, no one can get to me
unless these old rafters cave in

Then everyone will see
Oh please tell me that gravity won't interfere
Above this garage floor and through the door
I can see my house from here

Mom starts to scream, Dad starts to shout
How long will it take till they both figure out?
I'm through with this game I don't want to play
Please let this stupid balloon drift away
Just lift me up, off of the ground
Spin like a big floating merry-go- round
Flashing red lights following me
Sirens that seem like a calliope
Now copters and cameras and satellites beam
the images over an internet stream
They told the authorities I was up there
till it gently touched down without moments to spare

I don't want to be on TV
I don't want Wolf Blitzer to interview me
The story was flimsy and not very clear
I was in the garage, I see my house from here
Track Name: Girl From My Hometown
Well I remember the first time I saw you
in the mall eating an apple and reading a book
Then I took you to Romancing The Stone and out for food
And you tripped on the curb at the steakhouse but I caught you

But I knew we were meant to be
when you spent your whole Saturday
sitting in traffic school just to be with me

You're the girl from my hometown
You're the girl from my hometown
You're the one who never let me down
Turned my life around

Well I remember the day I married you
And you walked right up to me and said "I do"
But I was quite naive and you followed my lead
and we learned every lesson the hard way

But you're the girl from my hometown
You're the girl from my hometown
You're the one who never let me down
turned my life around
Yeah, you're the girl from my hometown

I would act a fool
trying to be cool
I even went back to school
for the girl from my hometown

The other day I saw you crying in the kitchen
cuz right now money's so tight and the world won't listen
But there's a place we'll go if only in our minds
Back to the simple days when we fell in love

With the girl from my hometown
You're the girl from my hometown
You're the one who never let me down
Turned my life around

(You're the one) I keep dreaming of
(From my hometown) The only one I love
(You're the one) who never lets me down
Turned my life upside down
Track Name: When Summer Is Gone
When summer is gone
Spend all my days wandering on PCH
When summer is gone
Spend all my time finding no reasons to my rhyme
I don't wanna spend my whole life wandering aimlessly
I don't wanna spend any many more time pondering shamelessly

When summer is over
September, October
As dark as November, as cold as December
When summer is over
The color of Autumn delivers a sober reminder
that no one lives too long

Good Vibrations starts to play
But Brian Wilson's lost his way

When summer is gone
Combing the beach, my misspent youth out of reach
When summer is gone
My castles of sand, swept by the ocean's hand
I don't wanna spend my whole life lost in a moment
I don't wanna waste anymore time seeking atonement

When summer is over everyone is older
No laughter at Mother's (Bar)
and sunset is colder
When summer is over the color of autumn
delivers a sober reminder that no one lives too long

Sweet Sensation starts to play but UB40's gone away

All of my nights, all of my days
All of these fights, my unbending ways
Did I lose sight through this blinding malaise of what's really inside of this maze called my soul
It will live on when summer is gone
Track Name: We're Gonna Get Drunk Tonight
We're gonna get drunk tonight
We're gonna drink and drive
We're gonna get drunk tonight

Tonight it's girls gone wild
She ends up having a child
Not sure who the baby's daddy is
Drinking down the interstate
He hopes he's driving straight
The only straight is straight to jail

We're gonna get drunk tonight
We're gonna drink and drive
We're gonna get drunk tonight

At the office party
She's drinking lots of Bacardi
She calls her boss the "N" word
Flying through an intersection
No seat belt around his mid section
He slams into a police car

We're gonna get drunk tonight
We're gonna drink and drive
We're gonna get drunk tonight
Drink up!

And the only light that's in my life is the one that's shining in my eyes
And the nurse said, "did you hear what this one did? He killed the parents and he killed the kids"
I wanna die, why did they die? I hope I die

We're gonna get drunk tonight
We're gonna drink and drive
We're gonna get drunk tonight

Get yourself a cab, or hop on a city bus
Or lie down on the curb and sleep
Fall down in a bush, or pass out in a club
Or jog into a place until it's dawn

We're gonna get drunk tonight
We're gonna drink and drive
We're gonna get drunk tonight
Track Name: It Always Comes Back To You
Possessions I receive, they just leave me empty
so I always come back to you
when I fall asleep at night it's on you that I rely
cuz it always comes back to you

you are so lovely, you treat me justly
please keep me in your heart

when I'm drowning in your sea your arms reach down and rescue me
so I always depend on you

There's a place we can go with no crying or pain
for no evil can dwell before the presence of God
He shall wipe away all of the tears from our eyes
and he shall be with us
and the former things will pass away and we shall
understand and be in our true home again

You are so holy, I'm unholy
can you forgive me?

then I dream my fitful dreams until your soft breeze awakens me
and it always reminds me of you

yes it always comes back to you